May 31, 2011:
WindyCalcPro v3.0.1

May 15, 2011:
WindyCalcPro v2.0.1

Apr 11, 2011:
Free Trial versions

Feb 26, 2011:
We're on the Net!

Feb 10, 2011:
WindyCalcPro published

June 15, 2010:
windyCalc published

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WindyCalcPro v3.0.1: 
Functional magnetic compass.
Handy nightview toggle switch.

FREE trial versions available!

About us

ITfil has been created to promote our Android applications. Started in 2010, we have built up know-how in Java, Eclipse, Patterns and Java multitasking development to provide users with high quality applications for the Google Android platform.



Version: v1.5


New WindyCalcPro v3.0.1 is out!

Look here for new screenshots and more details about the new 
WindyCalcPro version.

Free trial versions

Both our aviation wind triangle applications for Android, WindyCalc and WindyCalcPro, are now available for free as Trial version: WindyCalcTrial and WindyCalcProTrial.

The usage time is limited, and some options might be deactivated. But it gives you more time than the official Google one-day to try, and decide to buy if like them. You may so try both of them for while and decide which one you prefer.

Wind triangle for android devices

Whether you are a real pilot or use fly simulators, you will find our two wind triangle Android applications very handy and easy to use. 

The first one, WindyCalc, uses a simple text interface using standard android text and buttons. It is suitable for both small and larger screen devices. The second, our professional version WindyCalcPro, is even easier to use, thanks to its beautiful graphical interface featuring a real aircraft instrument design.

Refer to the wind triangle page to learn about the wind triangle theory. (coming soon)


windycalc screenshot wind triangle

WindyCalc offers a simple interface using standard Android text and butttons. It is suitable for both small and larger screen devices.


windycalcpro screenshot wind triangle

With a very intuitive and beautiful graphical interface, faking a real aircraft flying instrument, WindyCalcPro calculates your ground speed and required heading in just a few clicks and finger moves. No keypad required. It can also be used on smaller devices , starting from QVGA (240x320) resolution, but will be more comfortable on standard and larger screens.

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